Blook Store

It's early days for the Blook Store Page. Eventually, it will contain images and descriptions of new and vintage blooks for sale or trade and related services. Proceeds from sales will assist me to produce this blog and other publications and to develop a collection of book objects and reference materials devoted to the enlightenment of the public on the history of book objects. Donations are appreciated. Please contact me if you have any questions about the services below. 

My services available are:
  • Conservation and repair of blooks, books and similar objects such as old and antique photograph cases, sewing boxes, picture frames, stationery accessories
  • Custom boxes and preservation enclosures
  • New books and book objects designed and made individually or in small editions
  • Lectures on any blook-related subject
No book objects are for sale or trade at this time. If you have blooks you would like to sell, trade or donate, please let me hear from you.


  1. I got here via "Book Web" when I typed 'book arts' into Google, and then I went to "BIND-O-RAMA" and immediately printed the rules for the "BlooK" art intriguing! I have never heard of "blooks', but it is a wonderful concept, and a great word to describe it. Thanks for your work in conservation of old books. and I will look forward to your upcoming book! Sincerely Phoenix77 (Penny Lynn; WI)

    1. Thanks for writing Penny. I hope you will be inspired to make a blook for the bind-o-rams.