Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Some Blooks I Made With Helen Hiebert

In 2006, Helen Hiebert invited me to Haystack to attend her class on making paper lamps. It was such fun and Helen is an amazing educator, as everyone knows who has ever read any of her books. Today she sent me a link to her website where she published a photo of some of the blooks I made in her class. By the way, they are Reference Blook lamps and lanterns, if you can't tell. I had forgotten about this photo and thought maybe you'd like to see them. Here is a link to her site: Since then I've made many book objects and hopefully always will.
 My friend Mindy Dubansky made these "books" in my class at Haystack in 2006. I brought along an assistant who knew how to solder and weld, which was a great addition to the class.

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