Monday, August 4, 2014

More Treasures from the Heckman Collection

In the post about my visit to Bruce and Lynn Heckman, I promised I'd create another post to show you a mix of the incredible objects that I enjoyed seeing and was able to get snapshots of. I could have gone on forever but we were going through the collection at break-neck speed and taking pictures was a distraction from looking. I did get a few though, and will share these with you here. I'll probably break them up into more than one post, so keep a lookout for more! 

Bruce tells us that this is either an adult word game or a learning device for children.  GR stands for George Rex, King of England. It is from the late 18th, or early 19th century.

An exuberantly decorated carved case for a sprint-loadel phlegm (lancet). American Civil War era:

My personal favorite, a blook pincushion. The cushion has a 'bird' to attach it to a table and a post to hold thread for lacemaking:

A toleware pencil box, dated 1874 (American). The case shows wear, but Bruce says it's the only one he has seen, as yet:

Bruce wrote to tell me that he is working on a post on his trick snake books. 
You are in for a treat...


  1. Love the word game. Given the difference in quality between the letter pieces and the box, I would guess that the box is home made and the letter blocks commercially produced. Also, if GR does stand for the king rather than the maker's initials, should it be "George Rex"?

  2. these are great. i can see some treasures behind your detail shots, too. what a blast you must have had.